Drinks anyone?


Destination: New York City

Mode of Transport: Beer and Wine

There were 10 days in October in which I felt life passing me by a little. My ten year old daughter, Bailey and I went shopping for shoes, only to realize that she now wears a women’s size versus a girl’s size. My wife Brenda, can only shake her head; knowing that it would be just a matter of time before she will need to share her closet.

We were both wondering where our little girl went. A couple of pairs and a few hours later, Brenda and I needed a drink. That night, we uncorked a barolo that went down real nice with a couple of burgers.

632 on the hudson via @ DishOurTown

A great venue for weddings…

A few days later we attended the marriage of one of our closest friends, Julio; hence the reason for the shoe excursion.  It was one of life’s touchstones, that many guests at the wedding thought was an occasion reserved for someone other than Julio. The oddsmakers never saw this coming. We were all so happy it did. He found himself a wonderful partner in his now wife, Abby. 

At Julio and Abby's wedding via @DishOurTown

At the wedding…

The celebration was very New York.  It was held in a West Village Townhouse, the catering was done by one of his dearest friends, the coordinators were all bartenders and waitstaff he knew throughout his years in the restaurant business; and the field of guests were fashionable rather than formal.

The informality, didn’t take away from the level of food and the wine offerings presented that evening. The lamb meatballs and the Barbaresco pairing was my personal favorite. What made the event was all the story-telling. The core of the party was made up of a bunch of former tough kids that grew in Chelsea and the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

We all laughed, mostly because we were all amazed that we were all still alive and partying in a 5 story townhouse. Not bad. It was an amazing time spent with friends. And in fine fashion, we drank the bar dry.

Brooklyn Bridge via @ DishOurTown

The next day, I was a bit cloudy; as was the weather. I got myself motivated, put on my Sunday best; and headed to Brooklyn. This time it wasn’t a happy celebration; but a sad one. My old college roommate, Mike, lost his wife Linda, to her battle with cancer.

They were highschool sweethearts, and I knew her quite well, she was basically my roommate every weekend when she visited. Like the wedding, I saw some old faces and shared some stories.

Brooklyn Lager under the Brooklyn Bridge.

On our way home from the ceremony, Brenda and I had a Brooklyn Lager under the Brooklyn Bridge and I purposely left a little bit in my cup and tossed it into the river for the Angel’s Share. This ritual is something I do every time someone I know passes away.

I learned this from an old man I met in County Tipperary when I visited Ireland as a young man. I think it’s a nice salute, a final cheers per se.

Drinks Anyone? via @DishOurTown

Pursuant to this big weekend, I emotionally had to prepare myself for leaving the company I spent the last three years working for. I know it isn’t much in the way of tenure, but the blood and the sweat extracted from my life during that time was equivalent to all my working years previous. My leaving that post in some way was my swan song.

It was my goodbye to an industry I’ve worked for many years. More importantly, it was departing from a work family and a culture I helped build. That last day, my closest colleagues and I polished off a few bottles of champagne as they helped me turn the page.

Drinks Anyone? | Dish Our Town

My birthday spread, prepared by Fabian and photo by Li Xiong.

The big birthday celebration

Two days later I celebrated my 47th Birthday. I awoke that morning to my daughter and wife greeting me with all the enthusiasm they can muster. I picked up my iphone to see many voice and text messages; and because I recently embraced being on Facebook, many wishes came from that portal as well.

That night, a party was thrown for me and again there was much rejoicing, food, and of course, drink. Mostly red wine and mostly Italian brought from DiPalo Enoteca (a place I’d like to call my private wine cellar) right across the street from my apartment. My favorite food/drink combination that night were the empanadas prepared by my Argentinian friend, Fabian paired with a Primitivo.

Drinks Anyone? via @DishOurTown

Photo Credit: Li Xiong

To my beautiful City, to my dear Friends… Cheers!

Most of all a toast to my Wife and Daughter for joining me through the meal I call my life.

I’m far from where I was and where I need to be, and while I’m trying to get there, my daughter is getting that much closer to sharing her mother’s closet. I can use a drink.

If you liked this, please do share it with your friends. My family would love it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments on the blog, would be great to hear from you.

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  1. Love reading about the connection between food/drink and family/friends. Thanks for a great read!

    1. Mui: Food/Drink brings the world together. It was a short trip this time around, and thanks for joining. Andrew

  2. I can relate not so much about the drinking but about your daughter growing up. My older daughter is now 11. Can’t believe it! She went off this morning with her friend’s family to watch the parade for the first time. I felt bad that I wasn’t going to be the one to share this first with her. She on the other hand was happy to be going with her friend!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Stacey: Yes it goes quickly. Sometimes we travel the world through a dish (in this case a drink) and sometimes we travel to a destination in a time of our lives. Thanks for joining the trip. Andrew

  3. This was a beautiful, raw and touching account Andrew. New beginnings, transitions and deaths and everything in between make life one hell of a roller coaster, isn’t it? So glad you have access to some good quality drinks along the way 🙂 I’ll drink to that. Cheers! p.s. all the best for the new phase in your career. You’ll be great.

    1. Puja: There are many more lines on my face these days, but like a trunk of a tree, I’d like to think they tell a story. And like all living form, I do need my drink to survive. Thanks for the nice words once again and thanks for reading. Andrew

  4. Yvelette: Thank you for really reading and finding the connection; that’s appreciated. All the best and thank you. Hope you join us again soon. Andrew

  5. NYC is my favorite place to eat. When I go there, I plan my trip based on where I will dine. I used to live there and miss the convenience of so many amazing places for food and wine.

    1. Sonja: That’s what I love about my city as well. Thank you for reading and hope you join our next journey. Andrew

  6. OMG, you got a cake from Paris Baguette! Those bakeries are all over South Korea … had way too many pastries from there during my time there!

    1. Penelope: Yes, my old staff was nice enough to get two cakes from the bakery for my celebration. They are incredibly good and because they are so light, it gives you the impression that you can eat as much as you want. Thank you for reading along and hope to hear from you again soon. Andrew

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