A Kid’s Travel Flashback in Lower Manhattan


Travel Flashback at the WTC Calatrava

Hi, there everyone! It’s Bailey, again. I haven’t written in a while as we just returned from our year of travel. I’m sure you miss all my unnecessary CAPITAL LETTERS! Anyway, I have a story to tell… Here we go!

Cue *dreamy musical sound effect*

Once upon a time in the year -1000000, there was a dinosaur named Susan.

I’m just joking hahaha

Sorry, I just felt the need to do that.A kid's #travel flashback takes you to #NYC & #Valencia via #Calatrava by @DishOurTown

Westfield at the World Trade Center

Anyway, about a week ago my parents and I visited the new Westfield mall in the World Trade Center. This mall is in a beautiful building designed by Santiago Calatrava, a famous Spanish architect. My parents and I just call it the Calatrava building. It kind of looks like the bone structure of a swordfish to me! We entered the mall, and I was like, eh. It just looked like a white void with 2 random escalators and some construction going on. Then, we went down the escalator and…
OHMYGOD it was so BRIGHT, PRETTY and HUGEFrom #NYC to #Valencia via Calatrava through a Kid's eye via @DishOurTown

Calatrava in Valencia

About 5 years ago, when I was 7, my parents and I visited Valencia. We visited the best aquarium I’ve ever been to, and I had so much fun. Back then, I had no idea the aquarium was also designed by Calatrava. I do remember what it looked like and how I really appreciated how cool it looked.Let a kid take you through her #travel flashback via@DishOurTown #familytravel #Valencia

Santiago Calatrava in New York City

So when I entered this new structure in downtown New York, my memories of Valencia came coming back. It looked just like that aquarium! #mindblown (that is an appropriate hashtag.)
It was kind of crazy, how looking at this structure immediately refreshed my memory. It was a pretty awesome feeling, to be honest.Kid remembers #Valencia after a visit to Downtown #NYC via @DishOurTown #familytravel

Eataly in Bologna with my mother

The three of us (me, along with my parents) were super hungry, so we decided to go to Eataly, one of the larger eateries installed in this huge center/mall. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Eataly. 3 years ago I traveled to Bologna with just my mom, and I was sick one day so she treated me to pasta (my favorite food) in the Eataly that was located there. I had the spinach pasta with red sauce and mozzarella, which, by the way, was YUM! *deep inhale*

Sweet travel memories

Therefore, when I found out that we were to have lunch there, I got very excited to go there. We had so much Italian food during our year of travel that I thought I would never want to eat Italian again, but let’s be real here. I can’t live without Italian food. We entered, and there were replicas of fruit and vegetable vending stalls. They looked just like the ones we saw in Italy!
Ahhhh, them sweet mems. 🙂img_0001-1

Mother loves Snapchat

Immediately, my mom started Snapchatting (her new favorite hobby), and of course, we lost my dad. My mom immediately thought to walk all around to try and find him, but I knew EXACTLY where he would be. He was at the wine bar. No surprise. Typical papa. I then followed my sense of smell to find what I wanted to eat. It took about 3 seconds before I zoomed over to the rotisserie. It didn’t take long until my mom agreed to share a half chicken with me. It smelled so good, I tell you. The order always came with a side, so (unsurprisingly), my mom ordered ESCAROLE on the SIDE. yayyyyy clap clap everybody. : |img_0180

Mother is obsessed with Vegetables

It wasn’t actually that bad, but I just wanted to tell you guys how much my mom is obsessed with vegetables. AAAAAAnyway… My dad got a panini and both my parents got wine. We all stood at the wine bar to eat, which reminded me a lot of tapas in Spain. We actually bumped into the owner of Eataly, my dad’s college friend. LOL. The chicken was delicious, and Papa enjoyed his panini.

So many Instagram Opportunities

We, later on, proceeded to walk around the rest of the mall, which was also awesome. Many Instagram opportunities there. It was super pretty everywhere! So many elements of that day reminded me of so many travel memories and made for a really pleasant day sharing stories of our travels with my folks.img_1249-1

There are still more places under construction, so there are loads of things to look forward to! If you guys are ever around lower manhattan, make sure to visit the Calatrava building!

Bye, people who (for some reason) like to read, and enjoy life! 😉

-Bailey <3

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  1. Ah this sounds like such a lovely experience! One thing I can’t wait to do back in the US is dig into some Italian food– Korea is a bit lacking. I’m excited to visit this mall as well, the architecture always looks so breathtaking (and I sadly missed visiting Valencia when I studied in Spain).

  2. What an astounding new structure! So majestic and soaring. Interesting how it brought back international memories. And I love that your mother is a Snapchat addict!

  3. I love your description of the building a fish bone! I love wandering around to a mall and Of course added bonus Italian food yum!

  4. Such great architecture, you are right many many Instagram opportunities. Sounds like a delight for the taste buds as well!!

  5. I love that Bailey is writing for the blog, too. As a former English teacher, it’s a pleasure to read something so well-written for someone her age. Fantastic!

  6. WOW Bailey, the mall looks really stunning. You’re right – so many instagram opportunities in the one place! I could have wandered around the mall for hours 🙂

  7. You must be one of the most well-travelled kids around, Bailey. How old are you again? I was most impressed to hear you visited Valencia when you were 7. What I’d like to know is do you have a favourite destination?

  8. Thank you for bringing your experience to life! I don’t feel like the capital letters are unnecessary at all. In fact- I love them!

  9. Lovely point of view presenting all those sweet travel memories from around the world and the way they relate to this place. The building is amazing, I love the minimal white structure!

  10. Thanks for reminding me about Calatrava’s Seaquarium! I’ve been there PLUS I live next door to Oculus. I’ve written about the NYC CALATRAVA building on my blog and I met him on 9-11! Imagine my surprise when I looked up and he was standing right next to me!

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