“In New York I gained it all”


A Local’s Guide to Travel in New York City

“In New York I lost it all

To you and your vices

Still I’m staying on to figure out

Midlife crisis

I hit an iceberg in my life

You know I’m still afloat

You lose your balance, lose your wife

In the queue for the lifeboat

You better put the women and children first

But you’ve got an unquenchable thirst for New York.”

-U2A Local Family's Guide to Visiting in #NYC via @DishOurTown #travelstory

Traveling full-time for one year

Before we left for our life of full-time travel, a good friend of mine, Mullen, texted me the following, “May you and yours find everything you are looking for and everything you don’t expect to find”. As I write this, my daughter is looking at pictures from the year we were away, and feeling both melancholy and exhilarated at the same time. My wife continues to refer to some of the great moments we had during our travels on a daily basis. Yes, the experience was that of a dreamscape, but during that whole time, I couldn’t wait to wake up.

Our Hometown of NYC

Wake up to my hometown. As the song in which I quoted above goes, from my favorite group of all time, I did lose it all in New York; and I can only get everything back where I lost it. In some way a couple of years ago, “I hit an iceberg in my life” and left an industry I had belonged to for 20 years, along with possibly having a midlife crisis. If I were to answer Mullen today, my answer would be that I didn’t find what I was looking for; but I did find something I did not expect. Which was, that the world was always in front of me. Though I have seen the clearest waters, and tasted the earthiest wines, and have tasted the culture of many, my thirst was only quenched by coming home to my hometown.

We Are Back Home

Now that we are back home to my city, New York, we have searched it out just as we have some of the destinations we were fortunate to have visited. Before we left, I created a list for the website, from A to Z, of our favorite places we recommended to try for those who were to visit. Now that we are back, and have new perspective, the list needed some updating. So, I went ahead and did just that; and as we continue to find new haunts that we find worthy of sharing with you, I will continue to amend.

Every Culture is in New York

I still love to travel, and experience the many cultures that the world has to offer, and I will continue to endeavor in doing so. I can’t help, however, but feel that I get a taste of just about every culture here in this my hometown, and at the end the reason why I continue to strive to want to taste and learn about other countries. New York inspires me, and I hope it inspires you.

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Local’s Travel TIP: Right before leaving on our Long-Term travels, we decided to treat ourselves to a few staycations in NYC because we had been staying at Brenda’s parents’ house for 6 months, in NJ. There were nights that we were just too tired to trek our way home. The hotel we enjoyed the most was the Grand Hyatt in Midtown, which is so close to everything and conveniently located next to Grand Central.

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  1. […] can apply to many major cities around the world, but for all intents and purposes, I can only write about my hometown, New York City. The beauty of a city like mine is that it has so many new things to offer, even for long time […]

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